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Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the Internet. It means so much to me that you came!

In August 2013, I launched 27th + Luxe or 27L as a way for me to share my inspiration and creativity. 27L is also my way of creating the life I want to live. This is a blog centered around love, design + life - creating a "luxe" life. It exists to share the many things that inspire us and to encourage you to live a luxe filled life, whatever that is for you, by pursuing your passions and following your dreams.

You may notice posts dated as far back as November 2011. These are posts from my earlier blogging days, posts I couldn't stomach deleting. Read them or not, it's up to you - but you never know, there may be some hidden gems in there! It is my sincerest hope that you are inspired during your time here.

Keizra Tyson is the Founder + Editor of 27L. Keizra graduated from Prairie View A&M University, aka "The Hill", with a Bachelor of Business degree in Marketing and a minor in International Business. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. Keizra is currently planning her Spring 2014 wedding to her best friend.

Keizra lives in Houston with her fiancé + her yorkie poo, Ava.


1. An introvert - shy, but not always! Reserved, most definitely! Don't yell for me in public. I will act like I don't know you. #truestory.

2. I wish I had a never ending supply of dinero for Starbucks. And because I don't, I'm on a fast.

3. I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I hate the cold, but I love all the cool clothes I get to wear!

4. I'm obsessed with white + gold...OBSESSED!!!

5. Too legit to quit...hey heeeyyy!



1. Never met a stranger. I'm the social butterfly in this duo.

2. Pretty good in the kitchen if I do say so myself.

3. I love to shop just as much as my lady love.

4. I dream of traveling the world.

5. I want to go skydiving...and then again I don't!

Ava Creepin


1. I love to have my belly rubbed - best feeling in the world!

2. I love fruit, it makes me pretty excited.

3. I too am an introvert.

4. Treats are yummy for my tummy!

5. I love my humans.

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