Inspiration Sunday

The road traveled is just as important as the final destination. Happy Sunday!

Travel Thursday: Austin, TX

Would you believe that I've lived in Texas my entire life (except for the year I lived in St. Croix), and I have never been to the state capitol? My fiancé and I won a free trip (those booths at the festival where people wave you over...go ahead and stop by) to Austin and I am excited for the mini getaway as my life has been rather hectic lately. I came up with a mini to-do list for us (I'm always in charge of this-I like order and Aaron is all for spontaneous).

The Hope Outdoor Gallery:

Hope Outdoor Gallery

Soco District

Soco District

I guess I'll be leaving Saturday to Aaron - he's already saying "we'll figure it out when we get there!!"

What's in your backyard that you haven't visited?

Wedding Wednesday: Mr + Mrs. Mack Cumby

This past weekend I drove up to Funky Town, TX aka Fort Worth to see my friend Ashley Nettles, now Ashley Cumby,  get married. Major kudos to her  and her helpers for putting together such a beautiful wedding. She was a stunning bride and she has such a beautiful family!!

[caption id="attachment_811" align="aligncenter" width="640"]via Vickie Perry Williams via Vickie Perry Williams[/caption]

Fall 2013 Fashion

So sad to see summer go! But, the change of the season brings with it a great excuse to go shopping!! Ive been given *some* control over FH wardrobe. He's already a great dresser, so my goal is to get him to expand his horizons. And for me, well...I just want to look FABULOUS at all times!



I love the sleekness of this suit!

Great for a night out!!

Casual weekend attire!


I am loving the color and the cute little peplum on the jacket!


I'd definitely wear this out for date night!


Brunch anyone?

What looks are you coveting this fall season?

Dream Space: Living Rooms

I'm currently living in an apartment and while it's a lovely property, it's in the suburbs and I dream of city living! I've already started thinking of where
I'd  we'd like to live after the wedding, and I've been brainstorming about furniture (a GREAT excuse for shopping!!). Here are some of the living rooms I'm currently coveting:


I love the grey walls and the pop of blue and orange against it!


I love everything about this living space! I would probably incorporate a little color.


I think this is my favorite!! It's so eclectic. But, I highly doubt FH would go for this!

These purple chairs though!!


I love the tufted sofa in this living space!

What does your dream living room space look like?

Inspiration Sunday: Letting Go

Sometimes we experience events in life that take hold of us and impact our entire being. Sometimes, if we continue to hold onto these things, we end up letting them negatively impact us. It's important to be able to let go of these things, let God have control,  and move on in life.  Happy Sunday!