Thanksgiving Holiday-Some place Tropical...YES!!

This year for Thanksgiving we went on the Carnival Cruise Ship (Carnival Liberty). We were able to visit: Cozumel, Belize, Mahogany Bay Roatan, and Grand Cayman. We had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!




Back Again!!

Well...this past semester of school was definitely a doozy!! I definitely had two of the most challenging courses in my graduate educational experience thus far. But, I made it through-I endured!! i am presently enjoying a little R&R before the next semester begins-a MUCH needed R&R!!

There have been so many changes since the last time I wrote!! My baby brother was born, we went on the family cruise, I GOT ENGAGED!!! and one of my baby sister's graduated college.

Next year will be even more intense!! I can't believe it's finally time to start planning a wedding. I purposely spent the last month just enjoying being engaged before I get the planning underway...I expect that to be very intense! The fiance and I are thinking about getting a wedding planner. I know I will need the help with a very demanding full time job and full time grad school. It will be much appreciated!! Pictures from the cruise to follow!!

A Better Me

Woooh!!  My poor blog has been neglected!!  I have to get better about this!  I recently completed my second semester of grad school,  I started a new job, I moved back to my hometown - there have just been a lot of great changes recently...and many surprises as well which brings me to the topic of this post.

Beginning... Sunday, September 9, 2012 I will be challenging myself to be a better me! To me that means doing what I can to be the person God wants me to be and who I want to be while I am on this earth. So that means spending more time with my loved ones now that I am back in town, being more willing...more confident in myself to take risks. That means being more service minded and finally it means being more healthy.

First I would like to say that I have no idea how women with families find enough time in the day!!  I don't have a family and can't seem to find any time!! So,  I have made myself a "schedule " that I will try to stick to during this journey and I will use this blog to chronicle some of that journey.  I will also try to post about other topics for sure - I want this to be well rounded and insightful for my readers!!

Take Care xoxo Keizra

First Semester is OVA!!

I have officially completed the first semester of grad school…woo-hoo!! It has been an interesting semester! First of all, it’s been a major adjustment getting back into the mindset of having to come home and tackle school work and prioritize my time. It’s also been a major adjustment because I am enrolled in an online program AND I am working full-time. There are definitely differences between attending school online and within the classroom. I will say that my online program takes steps to give distance learners access to much of what the on-campus students are provided. A major disadvantage is not being able to participate in any organizations. But, on the upside I have learned so much because online programs really do require you to learn, understand AND retain the material. I’ve definitely been challenged!

I started my second semester yesterday…yikes!! No breaks :-( But, I won’t be in school for very long this way. Hopefully, I don’t get burned out!! I’ve already been able to apply some of what I have learned to my current job, and to my personal endeavors. I’m excited to see what type of opportunities I will have in the future as a result of my studies.

It's A Little Lady!!

Two weekends ago I had the privilege of co-hosting my beautiful homie’s baby shower! This time around she’s having a little ladybug. This is my first time seeing her pregnant, I missed her the last time around and she’s just so darn cute!! The venue was a nice little clubhouse out in Fresno, TX. It was a beautiful shower filled with lots of love! I especially loved that the games we played for the shower were all meaningful and things that she could take home with her for her daughter. We decorated onesies and made a nursery rhyme book –both were super cute!! We also made a board filled with blessings and well wishes for her little bundle of joy. I’m so happy for my homie and her family. And, I’m especially excited to meet her little love bug, Naomi!!

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I recently started a Master of Science in Marketing degree program. I have had to hit the ground running!! There’s no easing into it like undergrad. Thankfully, I’ve learned that after all this time away from school, I still have some smarts left in me! I am meeting with my advisor on Friday to talk about possible getting a dual degree. The second degree would be my MBA. Right now I am trying to decide if my specialization should be Entrepreneurship or Sustainability and Environmental Compliance. I am currently leaning towards Sustainability. I just feel as though I’ll have more options after I graduate with this degree. And, I think both options go well with the MS degree. Time will tell…I gotta get my mind right though-that’s a long time to be in school *gulp*.