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//WHY "27TH+LUXE"//

I've used several blog names in the past, but I always questioned them. I was racking my brain for a while and sort of stumbled onto 27th+Luxe. What it means is I was 27 at the time and wanted to create a luxe life for myself, not a lavish one, but one that was filled with happiness, creativity, freedom-all the things that luxe means to me. Now, I like to think of it as sort of an intersection in my journey. At that point in time, I chose to travel down 27th + Luxe to see where life would take me and what adventures I'd encounter. 


27th + Luxe is a lifestyle blog. I typically write about anything that interests me, but also that represents me. Some days I may share encouraging posts, other days I may share my fears, and I might even share things that are catching my eye like clothing, interiors and accessories. I also like to share what other bloggers are doing as well that I just think is amazing! 


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