Merry Mail Ornament Exchange

I'm back!! I spent the last few days recuperating from grad school We had a MASSIVE project due at the end of the semester. Our group paper was 40 pages-can you believe it!! And there was a powerpoint presentation. My brain was fried ya'll! But I have something I want to share! I participated in the Merry Mail Ornament Exchange hosted by Chasing Happy, 91 Dash, And Yes to Joy and Love To Go Happy Things. This was such a fun experience! I was paired with Tiffany of d'Asti at Tiffany's and Meg of I had a great time getting to know these ladies and making their ornaments! Since the wait is over, I can share images of what I made for them and of course what they made for me, yay!



Completed Ornaments


Tiffany's Ornament


Meg's Ornament

So fun!! I'd definitely do this again!! 

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