A Winter Wedding

When A + I first got engaged (really before because I had been
secretlyplotting), I just knew for sure that I wanted a Winter wedding. I just thought it would be so beautiful-so many options for a modern + chic wedding, and not the typical green + red christmas colors either! It may have also had something to do with the fact that years ago, my parents were married on December 26th. I had chosen December 29th. And I thought we could make a family event out of it since it would be during the holidays. But, that ended up being a no go, and we chose a Spring wedding instead!

These images remind me of why I love a Winter wedding!

{Source Unknown}



balsa wood winter wedding bouquet Green Wedding Shoes Outdoor Whimsical Winter Wedding Inspiration Pewter-White-Winter-Table-300x450 winter wedding ryan ray benjamin diana 1 winter-wedding-decor-inspiration-4

{Images linked to the original source}

What do you like the most about a Winter wedding? I personally enjoy the opportunity to glam anything up - so image  6 would be my pick! And I love the fur in the very first image


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