The 30 Before 30 Project

I recently turned 28 so I am officially 2 years away from the "Flirty Thirty"!!! I thought it would be fun to compile a list of things that I would like to do before I turn 30 that I have never done before. Plus, it'll get me out of my own little bubble!


1. Get Master's Degree

2. Go to Paris

3. Take an all girl's trip

4. Land my dream job

5. Run a race for charity

6. Go on a food road trip

7. Go skydiving

8. Learn another language

9. Go to Niagara Falls

10. Get Healthy

11. Travel Solo

12. Buy an expensive handbag/heels

13. Attend a Blogger conference

14. Attend a sewing conference

15. Go to a concert

16. Move into a house

17. Throw a house party

18. Start a collection

19. Attend Coachella

20. Get rid of credit card debt

21. Create a hefty savings account

22. Go to carnival in Canada

23. Visit a winery

24. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival

25. Ride in a hot air balloon

26. Go camping

27. Start my own business

28. Send a message in a bottle

29. Go canoeing or kayaking

30. Go to St. Croix 
(just thought about this-technically I have done it...but I was 8. That was 20 years ago)

What are some of things you want to accomplish before reaching a particular milestone?


  1. That's a great list! I am 2 years past the flirty 30 but I'm going to make my own list.

    1. You should definitely!! There's also a "101 in 1001" list I've seen people doing as well. I think these types of lists are good to keep pushing yourself to try new things and experience growth! Thanks for visiting! :)

  2. How much have you accomplished so far???

    1. LOL! I just made this list not too long ago. I have a little under 2 years to get it done. Some are in progress.


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