It's A Little Lady!!

Two weekends ago I had the privilege of co-hosting my beautiful homie’s baby shower! This time around she’s having a little ladybug. This is my first time seeing her pregnant, I missed her the last time around and she’s just so darn cute!! The venue was a nice little clubhouse out in Fresno, TX. It was a beautiful shower filled with lots of love! I especially loved that the games we played for the shower were all meaningful and things that she could take home with her for her daughter. We decorated onesies and made a nursery rhyme book –both were super cute!! We also made a board filled with blessings and well wishes for her little bundle of joy. I’m so happy for my homie and her family. And, I’m especially excited to meet her little love bug, Naomi!!

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I recently started a Master of Science in Marketing degree program. I have had to hit the ground running!! There’s no easing into it like undergrad. Thankfully, I’ve learned that after all this time away from school, I still have some smarts left in me! I am meeting with my advisor on Friday to talk about possible getting a dual degree. The second degree would be my MBA. Right now I am trying to decide if my specialization should be Entrepreneurship or Sustainability and Environmental Compliance. I am currently leaning towards Sustainability. I just feel as though I’ll have more options after I graduate with this degree. And, I think both options go well with the MS degree. Time will tell…I gotta get my mind right though-that’s a long time to be in school *gulp*.