It's that time again! Time for another fitness update. Here's what I've been doing:

// Attending personal training 2 times a week.

// Attending Pure Barre 3-4 times a week.

// Trying to eat healthier by watching calories, and cleaner by eating more protein, fruits + veggies. 

// Water - definitely trying to drink more of this, such a major challenge for me! 

We're going to pretend that I just started working out and technically that's not the case, but I've been devoting more time + energy to it since I signed up for Pure Barre in March that I'm just going to roll with it, so you roll with it too!

I've definitely noticed some significant changes in how I work out on my days with the personal trainer since I've started attending Pure Barre (and I promise I'll post about this soon!!). And, I've lost 3% body fat!! Most of it has come from my midsection which I am thrilled about. If my stomach was already flat, I'd be worried about toning rather than losing weight. Pure Barre has given me more strength within my core and quite possibly more endurance too. So while my personal training sessions are getting harder, I have noticed it's easier to do some of the newer moves because now the strength is there. 

Now that it's warming up outside (aside from this random cold front) I plan on starting to attempt to run on the trail behind my place. The goal this Spring/Summer is to do more outdoor activities rather than just stick to the gym. I don't do long distance running though, never have. If I can work my way back to sprints, then I'll have it made!

I've also been tracking everything via Fitbit - I'm also wanting to start using the LoseIt app again - have you used these? 


// Here's my personal trainer's Instagram if you ever want to get a kick out of me working out, visit! I'll be your comedian for a night. 

// My health + fitness board on Pinterest. I've found all sorts of awesomeness here and have even squeezed in some time to try a few!

// Saw this yummie smoothie recipe. I'm wanting to try it, but will probably add a few extras of my own...I'm in desperate need of potassium! 


  1. Lady, this is awesome!!! I've heard so much about Pure Barre and I really want to try it. (I have also used both fitness apps - both are great!)

  2. Amazing job! And that smoothie recipe looks delicious! I love anything with strawberries and bananas so this is perfect.

  3. Thanks! Let me know if you try this smoothie!

  4. Thanks! OMG, you would LOVE Pure Barre! It's such an unexpected challenge!


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