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Cheers to the weekend + happy Good Friday! It took FOREVER for today to get here,  I thought it would never come, especially after a less than pleasing staff meeting that took place mid-week. I hope you've got some fun planned for the weekend! Me? I'll be headed out of town for more wedding related fun! Here are a few links to carry you through to Monday.

// Cristina Martinez opened up a new print shop, these prints are awesome!

// I've seen a lot of posts covering Facebook pages this week like this one, this one, and this one. I have to agree. While I don't have a lot of Facebook fans yet, I can't understand how only 2-3 people see each post. And, I'm not paying for boosts. 

// Studio 404 had a great post about website mistakes.

// I've been seeing this site for a while, but I've recently started paying attention. Now I'm trying to soak up everything I've been missing!

// So I didn't know there were books on deciding where to live. I'm the type of person that would read a few of these too! 

// Have you heard of oil pulling? I've been doing it for about a week now + I must admit my mouth does feel a lot cleaner!

// This jewelry is pretty awesome + not ridiculously expensive. 

// These and these are so cute! You know the white + gold sealed the deal for me!

Have an amazing Good Friday, an awesome Saturday + a BLESSED Resurrection Sunday!

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