As promised, I'm talking about Pure Barre today! I don't remember how I found out about it. I was looking for new fitness routines because I'd grown tired of the gym and I must have stumbled upon it while reading a blog or article or something. I've read other articles since going to the classes and I've died from laughter because everything the author had written WAS. SO. TRUE. Let's go back to my first class shall we? 

I'm really an introvert and don't like going places alone. But, the instructors make you feel right at home. They're all so bubbly and nice and learn your name immediately. This was very odd to me at first because I was used to checking in at the gym and hearing "Have a nice workout!" You're greeted by name, asked about your day, you talk about life, and you here "See you later!" at the end of your workout. EVERY TIME. I love that! 

I entered the classroom and saw the barre + mirror - exactly what I expected. They'd set up a spot for me on the floor with the equipment I'd need: a resistance band, 3 lb weights, and a pure barre ball. So nice right? Then I received some confusing instructions that sounded like complete gibberish to me but I thought, how hard could this be? I was wrong. So wrong. I wish I had a picture of how I looked that day throughout class, pretty comical I bet! After the first 10 minutes I was like wait a minute...this is a bit challenging...that's odd. You start with a full body warm up to get your heart pumping. It includes leg lifts, a plank, ab work and upper body work. This is followed by a nice stretch. 

The rest of the class consists of thigh work, seat work (seat = bum), ab work, and a cool down. Another awesome thing about this is you stretch after each section. This is also where I learned about tucking and what my "highest tippy toes" are. Oooh! Let's do something for fun shall we? Put your heels together in a v-shape, toes pointing outward. Stand on your highest tippy toes, roll your hips forward and suck your abs in as far as you can, start pulsing up and down (think mini squat). Got it? 

So this class was really a shocker for me and oh so misleading! And I can't tell you how I was mislead because nothing I'd ever read said it would be easy. Maybe because I came in and everyone was so bubbly, it's a cute little studio and a small class - maybe that's how I mislead myself? It's not as intense as cardio kickboxing, but it definitely feels like a body pump course multiplied by 3! I was drenched halfway through, there was no way my personal training could have prepared me for what was about to happen to me! I kept praying for God to save me. True story. Still pulsing on those highest tippy toes? Good, keep going!

image via the Pure Barre Blog

This is definitely not something your body can get used to - I am surprised by that! And it looks like the routine changes a bit every month  so your body is constantly challenged. The last class I went to, I had to stop...several times! In one of the articles I read, this lady said she's not up for torturing herself for an hour. That's so funny to me but I can completely understand how she feels that way! For me, Pure Barre had the opposite effect. I'm hooked because it's an unexpected challenge, it really is fun, and I love the way my body is changing! I'll be purchasing a dvd to take with me on my honeymoon (It's really so I don't die in class when I get back!). 

Do you have Pure Barre in your area? If you do, go check it out and let me know how it went! And if you don't, think about purchasing a dvd and let me know what you think of that too! Oh, and you can stop pulsing

>>PS. This is not a sponsored post. I just love Pure Barre and wanted to share it with you. 

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