You have a dream right? I most certainly do. One that is tugging at my heart every day, ideas leaping around in my brain all day too. I find myself wishing for more free time so that I can get my stuff together, so I can focus on pursuing my dreams. I used to be very patient as a child but as an adult, not so much! I want it all now. Maybe it's because I'm so excited about what I envision this dream to be.

I've also been thinking about taking a coaching course to help me get my thoughts, dreams  and plans in order. I need actionable goals. I've done this for myself already, but I need some guidance! And if I have homework and someone to report to, I'll be golden! I've also thought about seeking out a mentor who is where I want to be and has launched their 
self-employment with the help of their blog. And then there's just doing it - just getting it done. I'm a risk taker like that, especially now that I'm realizing more and more what I want to do and want I don't want to do. It also helps when you get blatant reminders between the hours of 8-5, Monday through Friday!

But, there is that sense of fear, I'm not going to lie! Fear that my dream won't be accepted by others, fear that I'll be a huge failure, and even fear that I'll be successful and end up in way over my head! I guess the key is one day at a time and then two weeks at a time. 

How do you deal with your dreams and fears? Have you linked up with a mentor who's also a blogger? 


  1. Up until recently I was terrified of my dreams..I always felt like they were so big that there was no way Id be able to accomplish day I just decided to go for it and just by taking that first step, a whole world of opportunities was opened up to me! You can do it!!! Remember fear is just an emotion and it cant hurt you

  2. You know what I say ;) Don't let fear get in the way of your dreams- push past it! I think dreams are what help keep our spirits alive. And if/when I reach one dream, I hope there are a hundred more after it. Remember- things have to get uncomfortable before a change happens. If everything was rosy and comfortable, why would you ever even think about making a change? Don't give up - keep going!!!!

  3. So true! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. That is so true - fear can't hurt, not trying can. Thanks Alisha!


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