1. Dolce + Gabbana // 2. Marc Jacobs // 3. Dior // 4. Coach // 5. Viktor + Rolf // 6. Hanae Mori // 7. Marc Jacobs

I don't wear perfume. It makes my head hurt, so I wear body spray. But I can recall memories by scent. I smelled someones perfume and it took me back to first grade. So I decided I want to wear perfume for my wedding. Not just to remember the day, but it's also something I can use on our anniversaries. I was thinking a light floral + clean scent, something chic and not overbearing. 

I smelled Coach Poppy the other day and loved it, and I've heard great things about Viktor + Rolf Flowerbomb. So this weekend, I'll be heading over to Sephora to smell these and pick one out.

Have you tried any of these? Which one did you like? 


  1. i love daisy! I used to wear polo romance, but when I got daisy I got hooked!

  2. Chance by Chanel will always be my favorite!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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