Photo by Mary Costa Photography, DIY Projects and Styling by Studio DIY for Balloon Time 

So thankful for Friday! This has felt like the longest week and it's likely that the next three weeks will feel that way as well as I count down to the wedding + our honeymoon!

I wanted to leave you with some links for the weekend. If you're planning on at least a few hours to yourself like me, you'll love these!

// Vacation time is upon us. The Well had a great post about how to prepare your blog for your vacation. 

// Found this post about Facebook business pages...interesting. 

// I discovered Sissy + Marley via Made By Girl. This is so my style and what I picture for my future kiddos. 

// Have you heard of Brand Market? They recently held the workshop in ATL. See the recap here and here. I'm really hoping to attend someday. 

// I shared some basic but essential blog design tips this week. Check it out, there's also a free + quite handy worksheet!

// How cute are these easter eggs? She's ALWAYS got awesome stuff on her blog. I'v got so many of her projects on my "to try" list. 

// Need to track your site stats? Here's a great post on how to do it without becoming obsessed. 

// Need some tips on creating a routine? This post offers some great ones.

// If you're a business owner, you'll appreciate this post on cultivating great client relationships

Have an awesome weekend, do something for you + remember to love yourself


  1. Thanks for the one on "cultivating great client relationships". Sometimes I have to breathe and count to 10

  2. You're very welcome! And oh yes, dealing with difficult customers is definitely a challenge!


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