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Happy Friday! Can you believe February is over? Like it's March tomorrow people! And Spring is right around the corner!! Even though it hasn't been terribly cold here, I am really over the whole winter thing after New Year's. 

// I found this recipe over on The Everygirl and I tried it out today, pretty good!

// I am really looking forward to reading these books!

// These roads look pretty fantastic-although some of them I wouldn't even dare to drive on!

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// I watched Scandal last night...and was left feeling unfulfilled after that long wait. Anybody else? This article sums up my thoughts on the episode pretty well. 

// We FINALLY chose our honeymoon spot and I cannot wait to get some true relaxation! 

What fun things will you be up to this weekend? Me? The usual, grad school and wedding times! Hopefully I'll squeeze something adventurous in.

Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I SO enjoy your link round ups!! Thanks for sharing your reading list!

    XO Nicole
    a dash of gold

  2. Your honeymoon is going to be so fabulous!!!!!!


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