Remember when I shared my goals for this year with you? Well, one of those goals was about this health + fitness thing. The goal is to be healthier and get fit. It's February 19th people and I am not any better off than I was when I made that list...the shame!!

I also talked about whole30 in this post. That's been a bust folks! I started off good, then  I fell off the wagon by the end of the week. I had every intention of hopping back on but then Valentine's day came. 

And now here we are February 19th and I'm sharing my sad story with you. To make matter's worse, I am in a contest with Aaron and he is so kicking my tail right now!!

So my question to all of you out there is -how do you find that balance? Between being stuck in traffic for an hour plus, grad school, working on my blog (this consumes my time!!), I don't work out and I don't make it into the kitchen. 

I think whole30 is an excellent program...and will be approached again when I have the time to focus on doing it right-maybe when I take homework out of the equation this summer? We'll see.  As far as eating healthy goes, this is not very difficult for me. I can drink tea in the mornings and give up my Starbucks, I can eat healthy snacks, and I can eat  protein and load up on veggies. I know how to do this-it's just that gym thing...or even working out at home (I have so many workouts pinned, there's really no excuse!). 

Any advice? I still have time to get it together to win that contest, and plenty of time to be healthy and get fit before the year is over! How are you doing with your health + fitness goals? How do you squeeze fitness into your day? 

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