losing weight with a friend

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So A and I have a contest going up until the wedding. We are both eating healthy and working out (he has a HUGE head start because he's been doing it for a while already). Whoever's body fat percentage decreases the most between now and May 1st gets the gift of our choosing (for a reasonable amount of course!). 

I'm pretty excited about this because it motivates me to work out and eat healthy-I can't let him beat me!!

I've been meeting with a personal trainer since before Christmas, but then Christmas came and well you know how that goes! I've been back at it since January 13th. Have I seen any changes? Well I'll be completely honest here...not really. I've lost a few pounds but I haven't necessarily been eating out or working out as much as I could. 

I thought I'd put together a little inspiration board to give me (and any lovelies out there who are committed to being healthy and fit!) some extra inspiration. Who doesn't love shopping? And I truly believe I'd be more committed to working out if I looked cute doing it!



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