I thought it would be fun to put together a little wish list of some tech products + accessories I'm currently lusting after.

1 // Wacom Bamboo Tablet: These tablets allow you to draw on images like this.

2 // Diana F+: I just love this because it's gold!! And also because it's a SLR that takes lo-fi photos.

3 // Macbook Pro Satchel: I just think it's super cute and may attempt to make one on my own!

4 // Bloom Theory Gold Mine Camera Strap: Anything white, gold + sparkly, count me in!

5 // 50mm f/1.8 Lens: I have two zoom lenses and really want to add some fixed lenses to my stash.

6 // iMac Desktop 27in: I love my laptop, but am really looking forward to a chic office + desktop!

What's on your tech wish list? I'd love to know, I might see something else I'd like to add to mine!


  1. I have been cravvvvvving an iMac!! They are so darn expensive but SO worth it! After my wedding, I'm definitely saving up to get one! Perfect!

    Also, just checked out the link to what the Bamboo tablet does...Now I need one of those too! :)


    1. Hey there!! LOL, yes they are!! I have convinced myself that I can wait until after the wedding and after we move into our new place.

      Haha at Bamboo tablet. Yeah I didn't even know they existed until one day I googled something like "how to write on photos for your blog" or something like that. They are pretty cool! You can also handle transactions on there too if you own a small business.

  2. The gold camera strap is so cute! I love it! & I am dying to get my hands on a Mac desktop but that will take a while for me to save up for.

    1. Yes, I just love it!! And oh yeah, it'll be me + my laptop for a while, but I've got my eye on an iMac for sure!!

  3. That cute gold camera is on my wish list now!

  4. Love your list! I think I would really like the tablet :) Looks really fun to play with


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