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+Amber over at And Yes To Joy talked about being stuck in doors. I can totally relate. I was at home for the winter break doing nothing but making plans. It's amazing how quiet time alone can allow you to come up with the greatest ideas. Now about this weather though -ice, freezing rain and possibly snow is supposed to be the story of Houston this morning. That's crazy! It was literally like 70 degrees on Monday!

+I want to see Ride Along + Lone Survivor. Chances are I won't be making it to the movies anytime soon...but I still want to see them.

+I love these shoes!

+Since I'm all about getting healthy + fit, I'm dreaming about these new workout clothes.

+Check out this vday DIY from Lovely Indeed!

This weekend I'm going to my first local blogger meet up! I'm nervous + excited because I break into a sweat and start hyperventilating (not really @ hyperventilating, but it sure does feel like it!!) when it comes to meeting people I don't know. This is definitely out of my comfort zone! A and I are picking out our wedding bands and going on a hot date! Oh...and I'll be doing homework...there's that too.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Looks like your weekend will be busy AND awesome! :-) Enjoy.


    1. LOL, yeah I'm pretty excited! You have a great weekend too!

  2. It was so nice to meet you today! Glad you came out to the meetup.

    We bought our wedding bands a couple of weeks ago. They totally don't match, but Macy's had a bunch of nice men's rings on sale. WINNER!

    1. It was nice meeting you as well!! Can't wait until the next one. I don't care for matchy matchy anyway ;)

  3. Aww... Don't be nervous. Pray first for direction and ask for any nervouness and anxiety to be removed. Watch! Well have fun! Cannot wiat to see your posts and updates.



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