Did you know there's a newsletter? I created the 27th + Luxe Newsletter near the end of 2013 as a way for readers to follow along and catch up on posts you may have missed during the week. 

While I was working on changing up the blog and creating goals for 2014, I realized that was just silly! Duh right? I want the newsletter to be an extension of the blog, providing you with fresh content. 


How cool is that? I know that I personally don't enjoy receiving newsletters that show me what I've just seen on the blog, so why should I do that to you? The content featured in the newsletter will be fresh and inspiring!

Why should I subscribe you may ask? One of my main goals and the foundation of this blog is to create a luxe life. In the newsletter, you will find little nuggets of luxeness that just may spark some inspiration in you! Who doesn't want that?

The first newsletter will go out at the end of the month, January 31st. 

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