The plan this past year was to make handmade gifts. that didn't happen at all except for these two that were really simple to do!

For the gloves, I used yarn to make pom poms and then sewed them onto the gloves by hand. 

For the blanket, I layered the pieces and laid them out on a self healing mat so that I could create straight edges with the rotary cutter. I cut the short ends 4 in x 1.25 in and the long ends 4 in x 2 in. Then I tied the strips together to hold both pieces of fabric together. A great alternative to sewing and a piece of cake! I am thinking I'm going to make some more of these pretty soon!

Did anyone get a chance to make some homemade/diy gifts this past holiday season? I would love to see them if you did! Please share in the comments section!

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