+ I loved this post on Peppermint Bliss. The 1st + 2nd image are awesome. I can't wait until I can decorate a nursery/kids room-no time soon though!

 + Looking for 10 Wellness Reminders to keep your year going right? They are amazing tips, check them out!

 + Want some amazing tips about blogging? Go here!

 + Being "behind the camera shy" - I can TOTALLY relate!

 + These coats on Fashion Juice...LOVE

 + You may have seen this, but it's new to me; thinking about trying it!

 + I called her walking lady made me tear up.

 + These new designs made me ready to switch things up on the blog again! Have an awesome weekend!!

Nothing too exciting for me this weekend folks! I'll be going to TopGolf for the first time tomorrow, pretty excited about that! Other than that it's grad school, working on my dreams, and tidying up the place! Oh and juicing! I found a recipe that I'm trying :) Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

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