Sigh...it's the start of another week...wonderful. Monday's suck. Period. I wanted to share a few highlights from my weekend because this is the first time in a good while that I've stepped outside of the house everyday of the weekend. I'll share more detail in another post.  This weekend was filled with social outings, lot's of food because it's time to get into the routine of my healthy eating "diet" -so I had one last big hoorah. And, I took my beautiful mother out for brunch!

These are just a few of the Instagram photos from my weekend:



  1. Aww, brunch with your mama! That is so sweet. I wish my mother lives closer so we can have brunch too! (She lives 9 hours away from me). Check out your mom looking all classy, wearing those pearls on! Love it! Since you blog about your weekend, you should link up with us for the Weekend Highlights! Oh and by the way, what drink was that?

    1. Hey Jasam! The drink was a Peach Bellini, it was pretty good!


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