End of Summer Etsy Finds:

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole "no white after labor day" thing, especially when I live in a state that on numerous occasions doesn't have a winter season. But, summer is almost over *tear* and some things just can't be taken into the fall season. Here are some of my summer Etsy finds.

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I love them all! What pieces are you itching to wear one last time before you say goodbye to summer and hello to fall?

Luxe Nurseries

With a little under nine months to go to our wedding, we've been getting inquiries about when we plan to start a family. While I have no plans to start popping out kiddos anytime soon, I love looking at nursery designs and thought I'd share some with you!

Baby Nursery 

I love #2, but I just think #3 is FABULOUS!!! This is something I would definitely want to do! I am loving the lucite pieces in this nursery! What do you think? What would you choose for a nursery?

Choosing A Wedding Photographer

We're meeting with different photographers now to shoot our engagement session and wedding day photos. We're looking for something unique - a photojournalistic approach to our special day. Of course I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration!!

Engagement Vineyard

Inspiration Sunday: Everything Happens for a Reason

I have been trying to plan for the future - whether that be my wedding or thinking about my future career and the possibility of entrepreneurship. I attended an open house a few weekends back and what I learned was that if I do pursue this opportunity, I won't be "losing" anything. I'll be able to use everything that I've been doing since I graduated in 2008-it's all transferrable. That's exciting news! So, remember to keep chasing those dreams, and that everything happens for a reason - there are no mistakes in life. Happy Sunday!


Open House At Our Venue

This past Friday I attended an Open House event at the venue where we will be having our wedding next year. We originally thought we were going with another venue and right before we signed the contract, I had second thoughts and we began our search again.

A FABULOUS Master Bedroom

I've been given complete creative control over our home, all that has been requested of me is a man cave(somehow this will be glamorous as well!!). In all fairness, I know that I can't have a girly home because I'll be sharing it with my best friend and husband so a masculine element must be included. I was going through Pinterest the other day with him and he kept saying no to a lot of the master bedrooms I liked. I like either super glamorous and girly, or I'll go for something super eclectic yet chic. He just wants a dark bedroom...how lame is that?

His choice:

My Choice:

Happy Medium:

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Inspiration Sunday: Keep Hope Alive

When you're feeling discouraged, remember. ..