Open House At Our Venue

This past Friday I attended an Open House event at the venue where we will be having our wedding next year. We originally thought we were going with another venue and right before we signed the contract, I had second thoughts and we began our search again.

When I walked into the venue on Friday, it was affirmation that we made the right choice. The venue is beautiful and I'm so excited that our wedding will be held there. It's a one stop shop, so both the ceremony and reception will be held in the same  place. The open house was so much fun! The venue caters the food and the appetizers they served were DELICIOUS!! The linens from Over the Top Linens were gorgeous. So happy with our choice!

Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor Seating





I can't believe our wedding is 9 months away! The time is going by so fast!

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