{Weekend Fun!!}

I am so glad I took time off on Thursday last week and Monday. I was already off on Friday. The extra time on Monday gave me a chance to get a little rest, but Thursday through Sunday I was busy busy. My fiancé moved in, my sister graduated, she had a massive graduation party, and I had to do homework assignments and submit a final project. Even though I am still exhausted, I had a wonderful time with my family!


I spent my day moving-not moving myself, but moving my fiance to my place. Gotta do what you gotta do when you're footing the bill for your wedding. Needless to say, we've been at this all day. I have to get better about taking pictures-they would have been great for this post. I'm exhausted. This is the last time we are moving things on our own. When it is time to move into our first townhouse/home, we are hiring movers. The other part of this is that I had the great idea to re-do my apartment during his move in. I figured why not? Things are changing, this will be a perfect time to update the apartment.

Not to mention, my baby sister graduates from high school tomorrow. Perfect timing for this project, yaaaay me!! I'll be posting pics throughout the summer because I am feeling like it will take me that long to get done with wedding planning, grad school and a full time job. And, to top it off, my day is not done yet! I have to head over to my mom's house to help get ready for the graduation party tomorrow. This thing will last from 6p-1am. Whaaaaaaaat???!!!??? Back in my day, we had a two hour function and called it a night!!! And I'm not that much older than her!! But I am the oldest...and it's toughest for the oldest! The youngest kid gets away with murder. Just sayin!

Photo Credit:
I Am Fancy Pants

{LUXE Bridal Shower Theme}

I was talking to my sis today about my bridal shower-yes I did that! I love planning and had a great idea for a bridal shower theme, so I thought I'd share it with her. I'm leaning towards a shabby chic/modern  brunch with a mimosa bar, fruit and yogurt bar, french toast shots (I saw that somewhere and thought it was such a cute idea) and more. That turned into me wanting to create a bridal shower inspiration board, enjoy!

Photo Credits:

Color palette via Style Sweets Mag on Pinterest

1. Ivory and Gold Chevron Cake via FlickRiver
2. Holiday Gold Collection Pillows via Caitlin Wilson Textiles
3. Coral and Teal Macaroons via Stephanie D. on Pinterest
4. Mimosa Bar via 100 Layer Cake
5. Pink Peony Centerpiece via One Wed
6. Bridal Shower Dress "Brigitte" via Dolly Pearl
7. Elizabeth and James Nude Heels via SHOPBOP
8. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Pouch bag via Far Fetch
9. Amethyst Spin Drops via Bauble Bar
10. Gold Button Bangle via Bauble Bar
11. Engraved Disc Cuff via Bauble Bar

{Luxe Workspace Inspiration}

1. Inka Books Earth A5 Diamonds
2. Glitter Mousepad
3. Girly Home Office
4. Desk Chairs
5. Lucite Covered Desk Calendar
6. White Owl