I spent my day moving-not moving myself, but moving my fiance to my place. Gotta do what you gotta do when you're footing the bill for your wedding. Needless to say, we've been at this all day. I have to get better about taking pictures-they would have been great for this post. I'm exhausted. This is the last time we are moving things on our own. When it is time to move into our first townhouse/home, we are hiring movers. The other part of this is that I had the great idea to re-do my apartment during his move in. I figured why not? Things are changing, this will be a perfect time to update the apartment.

Not to mention, my baby sister graduates from high school tomorrow. Perfect timing for this project, yaaaay me!! I'll be posting pics throughout the summer because I am feeling like it will take me that long to get done with wedding planning, grad school and a full time job. And, to top it off, my day is not done yet! I have to head over to my mom's house to help get ready for the graduation party tomorrow. This thing will last from 6p-1am. Whaaaaaaaat???!!!??? Back in my day, we had a two hour function and called it a night!!! And I'm not that much older than her!! But I am the oldest...and it's toughest for the oldest! The youngest kid gets away with murder. Just sayin!

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