2013 seemed to fly by and there were days where it seemed to drag on...and on...and on. Overall I am thankful that I was blessed with another year of life, blessed with a job, and good health.

2013 definitely held a lot of ups and downs for me. It was a year of self-discovery, despair, and hope. And that's why I am really looking forward to 2014. 

I think this image says it best


This is where I want to live in 2014. I want to be happy and at peace with my life. I want to pursue my dreams and put all of the ideas in my head into action. I want to be a healthier me. So here's to a new year filled with life's simple pleasures, inspiration and passion, embracing self worth and individuality, making dreams reality, and happiness. 

What are you hoping for in the new year?


I've moved! I used to be over on wordpress.com and now I'm here! Hello and thank you for visiting! After some thought, I have decided to move my blog. While wordpress.com is great, I am unable to do a lot of the things I desire to, and I am not quite ready to move over to a self-hosted site just yet! After talking to Megan over at Modest Megan, I decided that blogger would be a better fit for me.

The url "http://twentyseventhandluxe.com" should redirect you to the new site. (I say should because it worked when I tried it on my tablet but technology and I don’t always get along!) If not, "http://27thandluxe.blogspot.com" will get you here too!
Same great stuff and a new look for the new year! Thank you for all your follows and comments in 2013! I hope you’ll continue to join me here on the blog as I pursue my dreams in 2014!

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Merry Christmas + Happy New Year

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I am going on blog vacation ya'll!! I'll be back on January the 2nd!


This Week...


+ I listened to this, LOVE IT!!

+ I didn't really do too much, just a whole lot of relaxing #thankful for a long vacation #muchneeded.

+ I went to personal training and felt like this.

+ I sent out my gift for The Great Christmas Exchange, excited!! I hope my person enjoys her gift!

+ I started working on my goals for next year using this planner.

Have a great weekend and yay Christmas is coming!!


I dream of going snowboarding. Especially since Nike released these snowboarding 'fits LOVE THEM! And who wouldn't want to go snowboarding here??


And I would definitely go if I was guaranteed a stay here:

This beautiful Aspen chalet was designed by Paris based designer Caroline Sarkozy and architect  Laurent Bourgois.


master bedroom

{Photography By Eric Piasecki / Styled By Stephen Pappas}

Sigh, one can dream right? I would love some winter snow right about now!

Christmas Decorations

I found some more beautiful images of Christmas decorations that I just had to share!

{Photographer: Simon Scarborough}

{Photographer: Dominic Blackmore}

{Photographer: Tim Young}


{Photographer: Matthew Mead}



Merry Mail Ornament Exchange

I'm back!! I spent the last few days recuperating from grad school We had a MASSIVE project due at the end of the semester. Our group paper was 40 pages-can you believe it!! And there was a powerpoint presentation. My brain was fried ya'll! But I have something I want to share! I participated in the Merry Mail Ornament Exchange hosted by Chasing Happy, 91 Dash, And Yes to Joy and Love To Go Happy Things. This was such a fun experience! I was paired with Tiffany of d'Asti at Tiffany's and Meg of eat.live.make. I had a great time getting to know these ladies and making their ornaments! Since the wait is over, I can share images of what I made for them and of course what they made for me, yay!



Completed Ornaments


Tiffany's Ornament


Meg's Ornament

So fun!! I'd definitely do this again!! 

Inspiration Sunday

Have a great week!

This Week...


+ I listened to this- can't get enough of The Temptations!

+ I read Monday's post on vmac + cheese and discovered Darling       Magazine. It's pretty awesome!

+ I prepped for some interviews-possibly a new adventure on the horizon??

+ I start personal training tonight #prayforme!!

+ I started working on some ideas for a new look on the blog-what do you think?

+ I FINALLY got our Save the Dates from my love so they'll go out shortly. AND our guest list will FINALLY be done by Saturday hallelujah!!

+ Counting down to Monday #vacation officially starts! Very MUCH needed!

+ I completed another term of grad school, 2 more to go!

+ I ended my Gift Guide Series with this and also found these gift guides this week if you're looking for a little bit more inspiration: Sacramento Street, Design Sponge, to & from, bluebird vintage, Refinery 29, Oh Joy

Happy Friday and have an AWESOME weekend!!

Winter Cocktails

With all the holiday parties going on and my mom trying to convince me to host one (NOT HAPPENING-at least not this year!), I've been thinking about all the yummy winter cocktails that are out there. I found a couple around the internet:
Cranberry Cider Fizz

{Cranberry Cider Fizz}


{Cranberry Mojito}


{Eggnog Martini}

Seasonal Skinny Cocktail Cranberry Vanilla

{Cranberry + Vanilla Skinny Cocktail}


{S'Mores Martini}


{Spiked Apple Cider Cocktail}

Which one would you try? I would definitely try the Cranberry Mojito and the Eggnog Martini!

A Winter Wedding

When A + I first got engaged (really before because I had been
secretlyplotting), I just knew for sure that I wanted a Winter wedding. I just thought it would be so beautiful-so many options for a modern + chic wedding, and not the typical green + red christmas colors either! It may have also had something to do with the fact that years ago, my parents were married on December 26th. I had chosen December 29th. And I thought we could make a family event out of it since it would be during the holidays. But, that ended up being a no go, and we chose a Spring wedding instead!

These images remind me of why I love a Winter wedding!

{Source Unknown}



balsa wood winter wedding bouquet Green Wedding Shoes Outdoor Whimsical Winter Wedding Inspiration Pewter-White-Winter-Table-300x450 winter wedding ryan ray benjamin diana 1 winter-wedding-decor-inspiration-4

{Images linked to the original source}

What do you like the most about a Winter wedding? I personally enjoy the opportunity to glam anything up - so image  6 would be my pick! And I love the fur in the very first image



Gift Guide Etsy Finds

Etsy Finds

Etsy Finds

Etsy Finds

Etsy definitely has some great items to hand out as gifts to your loved ones. I'm particularly in love with the white + gold unicorn, the Viola dress, the tribal scarf, and the Bokeh throw pillow.
Which product caught your eye? 

Winter Whites

There's nothing more beautiful than a white Christmas. And where I live, we don't get those! What could be more fun than a home decked out in white for the holidays?
Lonny Mag Winter Whites

Winter White

Winter White Living Room

Vogue Living All White Room

Country Living Tree

{Photographer: James Merrell}

How do you feel about all white Christmas decor? Would you add in pops of color? 

Birth of a Savior

Today I wanted to take some time to intentionally remember the reason for Christmas. While I adore the holiday for all of the sparkles, all of the d├ęcor and music, and of course all of the gifts, I have to remember the most important gift of all. That gift is the birth of the Savior who would one day take all of my sins and die on the cross for me so that I could become saved, born again, and have eternal life with the heavenly King. All I have to do is follow Him. How cool is that?
 Jesus Is the Reason for the Season

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!


Before I get started, I want to share some links of some awesome stocking stuffer gift guides I found:

Now, on to the good stuff! I am currently living in an apartment and thought it would be pretty cool to decorate my patio. I know the business office usually hosts a patio decorating contest too-that's always exciting to see!

Christmas Patio

Christmas Patio

Christmas Patio

These were the only decent photos I could find for patio decor...which I find interesting! Which reminds me, here are some more images of the beautiful Christmas decor at Craf-Tex that I first mentioned here.

Surely I can come up with something!

How do you decorate the outside of your home for the Christmas holiday? Where do you get your inspiration from?

This Week...

This Week…

+ I got into the full swing of the Christmas season yay! Listen to one of my fav Christmas songs here.

+ I created these lovely Gift Guides - browse at your own risk!

+ I struggled…and persevered over my itis. This term of grad school is almost over.

+ I discovered Zola. It’s an online wedding registry for all you engaged folks out there. This is one of my fav products listed.

+ I created the 27th + Luxe Blog Facebook page!

+ I am so glad it’s Friday! The first
Mondayweek after time away from work was definitely a killer!

Happy Friday and Happy December. Be safe during your shopping sprees!