This Week...

This Week…

+ I got into the full swing of the Christmas season yay! Listen to one of my fav Christmas songs here.

+ I created these lovely Gift Guides - browse at your own risk!

+ I struggled…and persevered over my itis. This term of grad school is almost over.

+ I discovered Zola. It’s an online wedding registry for all you engaged folks out there. This is one of my fav products listed.

+ I created the 27th + Luxe Blog Facebook page!

+ I am so glad it’s Friday! The first
Mondayweek after time away from work was definitely a killer!

Happy Friday and Happy December. Be safe during your shopping sprees!


  1. A few things:
    • I've never heard of Zola before.
    • I "liked" your FB blog page. I'm diggin' the snowman cover photo!
    • I can't wait til we get to the full swing of the holidays.
    • ♥♥♥ the Temptations. I should probably start listening to Christmas songs (just don't want my husband to get tired of them, though! haha)


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