Inspiration Sunday
{via Darling Magazine, text added by 27th + Luxe}

It's the start of yet another week. When Sunday gets here, I always get sad because that means I go back to work the next day. While I am thankful that I am employed (Lord knows I am very blessed!), I am very unfulfilled. BUT! I am taking the steps to change that-I'm being very intentional about the changes I want to happen in my life this year.

And so, for this Inspiration Sunday, I wanted to encourage everyone else out there to do the same, to dream, strive + become! 

If you have a burning desire to be doing something else, chances are that your purpose has not been realized in what you are currently doing. What's for you will not pass you by.

Two of my favorite things are Darling Magazine and The Everygirl. I love reading encouraging stories and finding inspiration from these two places. If you haven't visited these sites yet, you definitely should!

Have a BLESSED week!

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