I really like this quote. I think mainly because it encompasses so much more than personal style or handwriting. I've realized as I've gotten older, and especially most recently, that my personal style continues to evolve-what I like in my closet, what I like in my home, my handwriting (yes-I still like to change things up from time to time!), the type of designs I'm drawn to, etc.

What's your personal style and how has it evolved over time? What experiences do you think have had a direct influence on your style? 

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  1. I agree! For me, I think there's always an "overall feel" when it comes to my style and what I wear, but as I've gotten older I'm wearing more of what makes ME feel good and less of what I think others might like. I'm also having fun with switching up the lipstick colors, versus sticking with the same thing every day. Switching it up is good for the soul!


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