If you were here yesterday, you noticed that things looked a little different! I decided to redecorate my space! What do you guys think? I love it! Thanks again to Rekita at Designed Lovely

I've been doing a lot of random thinking lately-I guess it's not technically random, but you know how some days you just have a lot of thoughts all at once? Well that's what I mean. And not thoughts about anything in particular or anything majorly important. Just thoughts about life and where I'm going and what I do and don't like, my aspirations-you know, stuff like that. And while I was thinking randomly, I stumbled across some things. 

// Busy bee-I need a MUCH needed vacation. I had that time off in December-3 weeks to be exact, but it didn’t feel like a vacation. One of the things on my 30 before 30 list is to go on a trip solo dolo. This seems like a good pick no?

// Thinking of giving this visual journal thing a try

// I discovered the Lent Reflective Journal via Oak + Oats. This is just awesome! Remember when I talked about strengthening my relationship with the Lord and being intentional about it? I think this would completely push me towards that. And so I’ve purchased one and can’t wait for it to get here. Thank you Beth from Oak + Oats for posting about this-I likely would never have found it!

// I was going to write a post about job hunting, but this one pretty much sums my feelings up. 

//The Numbers Game, a very interesting read!

//Awesome tips on ridding yourself of creative blockades. I think I'm going to start trying a few of these when my brain starts to freeze. 

//Emily's post about learning to breathe was pretty awesome, GO READ IT. I can totally relate and these are some of the things my random thoughts typically revolve around. Still trying to find my purpose in current situations that I so desperately want to escape. 

Do you do any random thinking? I'm thinking that visual journaling may be a good thing to try when this occurs. What say you? What do you do when random thoughts stop by for a visit? 


  1. I def write down all of my random thoughts! They normally end up being pretty good blog posts later..I love the new design! Rekita does amazing work!!

    1. Yes she does! Would you believe I bought three notebooks in January and I've already gone through one of them!


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