Today I am going to go over 5 things I've learned about blogging. I think that I'm going to make this a regular thing - posting my thoughts on blogging. Please note that I am not claiming to be a know it all, I am however claiming to be very observant. This is most definitely a fact -on and off the internet. I'm an introvert people, and I think my fellow introverts can agree that if we are one thing, it is observant. 

I want to share some things that I have seen and learned with other newbie bloggers out there who are scouring the Internet looking for help like I was. I blogged off and on for a personal blog, and more consistently on a blog I managed for grad school. Today I'm going to talk about what I've learned about managing a personal blog. 

1// It's not a piece of cake.  So when I initially started, remember on one of those other blogs that didn't last? I thought set it up and just write, easy peasy. No ma'am! This isn't HARD per se, but it's definitely challenging especially if you have a vision for your blog and you want people to read it. There's a lot that goes into running a blog that I didn't consider the very first time that I started, that I'll talk about later. 

2// Blog design IS important. It really is. In blogland people do judge a book by its cover. I have done this myself. If the blogger hasn't posted in ages, I move on. If there is no eye catching blog design, I move on. If the blog is cluttered, I move on. I have made an effort to focus more on content before moving on. But, I'm just keeping it real people. How a blog looks matters...a lot. Combine a BOMB design with amazing content and BAM, you're onto something!

3// Branding is also important. Yes, branding has a lot to do with your blog design and visuals, but it also has to do with how you want to present yourself and your blog to the online community. What do you and your blog stand for, and are you effectively conveying that (your brand message) to your readers? 

4// Do you boo! That's right! "Doing you" is so important, also known as "authenticity" in blogland. Writing like you speak, bringing your unique talents to the table is what makes a successful blog. It's so easy to get caught up in what others are doing, especially if it's a blogger that you admire. I'll use myself as an example. When I started 27th + Luxe, I posted this fashion post and this interior design post. While these are things that I like and have a passion for, I don't want them to be the foundation of the blog. So, while I think I'll post on these topics occasionally, it won't be everyday. Find your own way to add value to the blogging community. 

5// Most bloggers are nice! You will run into a few rotten apples, but don't let that deter you from reaching out to people. While you can leave a comment on their blog, if you're reaching out for the first time, consider sending an email. Speaking from experience, I enjoy receiving an email from a blogger expressing how much they enjoy my blog, versus a simple "I love this post." Also engage in conversations on Twitter. But most importantly, meet people in person when possible. I have started attending blogger meet ups in Houston. Let me tell you! It was such a great experience, I'm actually going to another event this weekend! It's so much fun to interact with other people in person who get this blog thing and who are on their very own creative journey!

That's it for today, my top five things and a bonus "have fun". I think when it starts to feel like a chore or like work, you should take a step back and evaluate your situation. 

I hope to cover more blogging topics going forward - this is fun! I want to cover things/topics I was interested in when I was first getting started. 

Let me know your thoughts! What were some things you wanted to learn when you were getting started? 


  1. I'm loving these blogging posts! I completely agree with you on the blog design. It's the first impression.


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