Last week I talked about simplifying and I wanted to share with ya'll just how I'm doing that! After I shared that post, I payed attention to the fact that the goals I set for myself along with wedding planning and grad school were leaving me a little overwhelmed! 

One of the things that I've done is link up with The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes, I started this past Monday. I contemplated stating my goals for the month-but that is still too overwhelming for me because I have a tendency to add additional items to my to do list because I feel like there is ALWAYS room and I can do it all. By narrowing my focus each week, I really believe I'll be more productive AND I won't feel overwhelmed!

Let's review the steps shall we!

1// Determine the overall theme for your passion. As I mentioned in that initial post, my theme for the year is creativity. I've mapped out a lot of creative things that I want to do and I've allowed it to become overwhelming and eventually it will feel like a chore if I'm not careful! That is not the ultimate goal. So, simplify! By focusing on specific activities each week, I'll be more productive, and create for fun, not just because it's something that I want to do. 

2// Create a schedule and stick to it! Aaah the schedule. Ok so, I created a schedule, but again it was too broad. I've decided to make it more focused and intentional. For example, I am working on learning Photoshop. So instead of saying "Practice photoshop 3 hours a week for 2 months", instead I am saying "This week, I will practice hand drawing. My goal is x number of hours for the entire week."

3// Organization is definitely key! I have a notebook, a planner, Google Calendar, a blog binder, Wunderlist. I've got organization down to a science. What I don't have down (lately, hasn't always been this way I promise!) is how to get stuff done and slide on past procrastination. This week, so far so good. I try to do my tasks right away. And now that I've simplified, it's definitely gotten easier because my to do list is more focused. 

4// Remember that it is ok to take a break. And finally the break! What a wonderful and lovely thing. Breaks do not mean that you have fallen off course! Breaks are great for reflecting and regrouping to start again. When I take a break, I'd like to really set aside some me time to just create for fun, or read, or maybe start journaling again. Creating just because. Then when I'm ready to create with purpose, I'll be reinvigorated and ready to go!

And now for a bonus! If you have already signed up for my newsletter (and if you haven't you should!) I'll be sharing a worksheet with you to help you simplify your process. I think it's pretty awesome and I'd love for you to try it out!



  1. Great tips!! I can deff relate to the 4th step!...I've trained myself "somewhat" to be productive while I procrastinate so my breaks seem well deserved.. lol But I'll have to checkout Wunderlist because I'm organized but not neat (if that makes sense...)!

    Anyway...Connecting from Love. Post. Blog.

    1. I love Wunderlist! It's basically a digital checklist. I still write things down, but I use Wunderlist so I'll get alerts while I'm on my phone. It's awesome. There's another one called "Todoist".


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