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I've decided that it will be easier for me to be more accountable for my goals and easier for me to not be overwhelmed by them if I break them down into weekly tasks and activities. So, I'm going to start participating in Weekly Wishes with The Nectar Collective. I have been eyeing this linkup for a while, and now it's time for me to join in on the fun! 

The awesome part of this linkup (in addition to the accountability) in my opinion, is step #4:

4. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL! You MUST visit the person’s blog who linked up directly before you and leave them a motivating comment. This is such an important part of this linkup! We are each here to encourage each other and build acommunity of determined women and friends. :) If you do not do this, your post will be deleted from the link-up. 

____________________________THIS WEEK'S WISHES________________________________

+Get more organized. Procrastination is the monkey on my back! Grad school is almost over and the wedding is in May. My to do list is growing and so I've been ignoring everything until it's crunch time. NO BUENO! Last week I talked about this and now it's time to put that into action.

+Put together and send out client agreement. I got my first customer yay! Gotta get that client agreement underway and get this party started. You can learn more about my business here.

+Schedule my first dress fitting. Literally schedule and look for undergarments and shoes and jewelry. Those have to be purchased and taken with me to the first dress fitting. 

+Purchase Divergent on Kindle. I so want to read this book before the movie comes out! I read the sample at it was AWESOME! Hopefully this will be a quick read so I can justify dedicating some time for this. 

Best of luck accomplishing all of your goals this week! And, if you're anything like me, you should consider linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. They don't have to be weekly-they can fit your schedule however you see fit!

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  1. I have def been getting a lot more done since joining this link-up and have met some great bloggers (including you!) Good luck on your goals this week and congrats on your first customer!

    1. Hey Alisha! Thanks for the well wishes, I really think this will keep me on track. Good luck on your goals as well! :-)

  2. Congrats on your first customer! That's exciting! And I loved Divergent! I hope you enjoy the book. Good luck with your goals this week! Visiting from the link up. :)

    1. Hi There! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I was hooked after the sample, so I'm definitely reading the entire book before the movie comes out in a few weeks.


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