At the end of March I had my bachelorette party + bridal shower. It was AWESOME!! I know from experience that planning these events takes a lot of time, effort and mulah so I am very grateful for everything my girls did to make that weekend everything I dreamed it would be!

Weren't the themes super cute?! That wind on the day of the bridal shower was not playing any games though! Everything was just so lovely and I really was sad when it was all over - you only get to do that once you know? So happy and blessed to have experienced it!


  1. Wow, i am so jealous. I didn't have a bachelorette party. I was rebellious and got married at the "coathouse" as my grandmother would say. Love the bridal party shirts! Man it looks like you had fun!

  2. Hey lady! I totally heard it when I read "coathouse" lol! Yeah, I did have a blast and I can't believe that weekend has come and gone. It was so much fun! It makes me want to plan girl getaways, that may be something I start doing after the wedding.


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