First Semester is OVA!!

I have officially completed the first semester of grad school…woo-hoo!! It has been an interesting semester! First of all, it’s been a major adjustment getting back into the mindset of having to come home and tackle school work and prioritize my time. It’s also been a major adjustment because I am enrolled in an online program AND I am working full-time. There are definitely differences between attending school online and within the classroom. I will say that my online program takes steps to give distance learners access to much of what the on-campus students are provided. A major disadvantage is not being able to participate in any organizations. But, on the upside I have learned so much because online programs really do require you to learn, understand AND retain the material. I’ve definitely been challenged!

I started my second semester yesterday…yikes!! No breaks :-( But, I won’t be in school for very long this way. Hopefully, I don’t get burned out!! I’ve already been able to apply some of what I have learned to my current job, and to my personal endeavors. I’m excited to see what type of opportunities I will have in the future as a result of my studies.

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