{Sweating for the Dress aka Operation SFTD}

I "started working out back in February but have recently (as in April recently) gotten serious and have been spending more time in the gym. I'm also on the Weight Watchers 360 program. I have to say that it works, and I'm pleasantly surprised! My goal right now is to lose some more weight before I head back to the bridal salon to try on more dresses. I've also been delaying going shopping because I didn't want to purchase things that will end up being too big. But, hello alterations! I cannot continue to not look like myself!

My fitness regimen is:

Monday: Body Pump
Tuesday: Turbo Kickboxing
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Body Pump
Friday: Body Attack or Body Combat
Saturday: Turbo Kickboxing
Sunday: REST and REPEAT

This is my plan through August 1st. Then I plan on joining a boot camp or starting Insanity to amp things up for myself. I'm trying to work myself up to being completely transparent in this...but I am not there yet. Baby steps!

{All photos can be found on my Pinterest, Luxe Street LLC}

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