Wedding Venues {The Inside Scoop}

Ok, so. I have learned that venue shopping can take some time. We had a certain number in mind…rather I had a number. But FH is  a social butterfly. So his half…three quarters of the guest list is massive. I on the other hand am an introvert, so my quarter was very easy for me to compile. Anyway, the venues we were initially looking at were…ok. And then I thought, gosh-if these “ok” venues are charging this, I wonder how much that hotel I really like and that glamorous venue over there charge? And wouldn’t you know it! Mom and pop is not always the better way to go!! As the planner has been researching and visiting venues, and as we’ve been attending bridal shows and open houses, I’ve become more in tune with who I am as a bride and what I want our event to say to our close family and friends. With that being said, locating the perfect venue has become a bit of a challenge for me. I’ll find one I really like, but after I’ve had time to think about it, I see many of the flaws that go along with it and I change my mind!! Some very high contenders were crossed off of the list because of this! This weekend will be fun filled (as the last few weekends have been) because I am going venue shopping again! The difference this time is that FH will be tagging along, oh joy! Here’s to finding a venue soon!

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