Pretty + Patriotic

4th of July is here!! That means it's time to pull out our patriotic red, white, and blue and celebrate the independence of this great nation. Now, I like to do things a little differently - be a little adventurous and fashionably chic at the same time. And it is possible to be creative and cute in patriotic clothes! This is definitely something I would wear to a bbq with friends or 4th of July day party!

What do you plan to wear for the 4th of July festivities?

1. Peridot London Top
2. Red Side Peplum Skirt
3. Giuseppe Zanotti
4. Givenchy Blue Women's Lucrezia Large Bag
5. Pyramid ID Bracelet
6. Girlie Queen Earings by Erickson Beamon
7. MK Women's Madison Chronograph and Horn Gold Watch

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