Praise the Lord it's Friday ya'll!! This has been a loooooooong week! And next week will be even longer...sigh. But before we worry about that, let's take a look at those fantastic balloons! Aren't they cool?! I'm thinking of trying this...sometime in the very near future! 

// Swimwear anyone? I found this and this - how cute are they??!

// These flats are super cute! I'm notorious for getting multiples in the same color!

// Thank the Lord I've never lost my engagement ring but I have come pretty close! 

// Be sure to check out the Chic Grace store! Tons of cute jewelry!

// This clutch is fabulous! I may attempt a DIY.

// I've never been to jury duty *knocks on wood and says a prayer*, but apparently there is dress code for that too...interesting.

// Umm...have you tried natural deodorant? I'm a little concerned about this because I like to use Degree Clinical. I find that it really works and adjusts to my body temperature so I don't smell like a wildebeest  after I work out. Anyone? Thoughts?

// Green Ombre Pancakes just in time for St. Patty's day! 

Be sure to have some fun but also relax and rejuvenate! Have a blessed weekend! 


  1. Love the links! Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm glad you liked them and I hope you had a great weekend!!

  2. Great link-up! I especially feel for the girl who almost lost her engagement ring -- this happened to me. I lost my engagement ring while traveling on a work trip, about a month after I got engaged. I got to the security line at the airport to go home, looked down to take off my watch and MY RING WAS NOT THERE! My stomach never turned so violently! I left the airport, raced back to the hotel I was staying at, called all my colleagues, but no luck. Fortunately, I literally insured my ring the day after my hubby proposed, so my insurance company gave us the money to replace it. My new ring is *exactly* like the old one but I sometimes still miss the "original." If I could offer any advice to a new bride (i.e. you!) it is GET YOUR RING INSURED! Seriously, anything can happen. The best decision I ever made. The cost to insure is not expensive at all and the peace of mind is totally worth it.

    As for the natural deodorant, the best brand I've ever tried is: "I Love My Armpits" by Iwilla Remedy (http://iwillaremedy.com/featured-item/). Great stuff, I didn't smell funky at all and I used Mitchum brand for years!

    1. Oh yes, getting the ring insured is definitely the best move!

      Really? I'll have to look it up, but I'm still not sure about using natural deodorant lol!


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