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And now on to today's post!

Guys...this is not a how to. I hired someone to do my cleaning this year...I just didn't have time to clean the way I wanted to. I usually only hire a cleaning service to do my move-out clean. But it occurred to me last week that something had to give. Either I keep running myself ragged, or I just go ahead and get some help. I'm still going to need to take care of certain things like spring cleaning my closet, my "office" and the patio, so there are still some things to keep me busy. 

I am really wanting to give the place a new look as well, but with grad school, wedding expenses, and also the fact that we will be moving, I kind of feel like what's the point? So I've decided against it (*as I type I'm thinking well maybe I'll just get some new bedding...*). 
A girl can window shop though right? Truth moment: I hate window shopping!! I only go shopping when I'm planning on making a purchase. But I can window shop online-strange I know! Maybe because I'm looking for inspiration versus things I would like to buy.

How awesome is this bathroom? I've always wanted a bathtub like this and I love that natural light is flowing into the room.


image via lushome.com

I love modern and eclectic spaces with bright bold colors:

image via bhg.com

I like this dining room and the windows letting in loads of natural light and views of the lush greenery!


image via lonny.com

Now back to reality, enough daydreaming for the day! But you can bet I've made some mental notes for after the move! Are you making some changes to your space this spring? Please share so I can live vicariously through you!

And now I'd like to introduce you to Icela of Shapely Alterations

Icela is a lifestyle blogger  who began Shapely Alterations to chronicle her fitness journey.  It has since transformed into a blog that encompasses her other interests like fashion and natural hair!  Icela is creative and passionate and loves to learn as many new things as possible.  


1. I've competed in Figure Competitions.  You can check out my fitness history here.

2.  I have the WORSE voice but LOVE to sing. . .out loud. . .and I don't care who hears.

3. In conversations, I prefer to ask questions than talk about myself.

4. I'm currently a massage therapy student (class of 2015 baby!!!)

5. I can't go a day without either cheese or milk. 

For more interesting "Fun Facts" you can check out this post.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Icela better today! Be sure to stop by her blog
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