image via Creature Comforts // text via 27th + LUXE

// What? How easy is this?! I have the supplies too, so doing this...when my life settles down lol. 

// I really like this blazer!

// I am really loving prints + patterns this spring.

// Interesting perspective on getting a master's degree. I'm actually contemplating these very things and I'm almost finished.  

// Great tips on how to bless your significant other.

// I just discovered she reads truth. awesomeness.

// There's been a lot of talk lately about mentorship vs sponsorship. I've had an awesome mentor before who was also a major advocate for me-so I guess that made him a sponsor as well. Read this on mentorship. 

// These planter projects seem simple enough! I don't have a green thumb, but I've been wanting to try to get one.

What links were you loving this week?

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