OH MY GOSH YA'LL!! That random winter freeze we got on Tuesday was so not cool! I guess that's Texas weather for you! So to brighten AND WARM things up, I thought I'd share some of my Etsy finds for Spring! 


// HLcollection stacking rings. I've been eyeing stacking rings for the longest. I have the perfect excuse to spend some money on them too...le honeymoon! 

// original style shop chiffon dress. I really like this because it's so flowy and feminine.

// Jillian Rene Decor studded pillow cover. Now ya'll know I'm a fan of white + gold!

// ambre botanicals rosemary, thyme and mint bath oil. I've been in the market for a new bath oil, this looks like one worth trying and I'm sure it smells great.

// Brown Butter Beauty scented shea butter body oil. I don't wear perfume and I'm a big fan of naturally sweet smelling body products. This seems like it would be fun to try!

// Maison Blanche Candles green tea and lemongrass. Nothing like a clean, fresh smelling home in the Spring! I prefer these "organic" scents during the warm months.

// Rosella Resin honeysuckle pink and gold rings. Aren't these just gorgeous??

// YJsupercasewallets. This wallet is cute! I love the color. They have some other awesome products in their shop. 

// Pixel and Hank madras pattern vintage floral headwrap. I've been thinking about trying one of these, I've never worn one. 

// The Red Lily Shop succulent and planter. I so want to makeover my patio this Spring. While last year's look is cute, I'm wanting something a bit more sophisticated. I think these would set me on the right track!

I make hair products at home but haven't tried bath oil or body oil-that could be a fun DIY project! Have you tried Etsy beauty products before? I'm curious about them - as in skeptical but also interested in trying. 


I read all comments and will reply as well! Thank you so much for your comment!