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It's Monday again people! I thought this day would never come, seriously!! I have officially entered the final week of the term! And even though I start a new class AND my last class (yippee!!) next Monday, I'm so ready to be done with these two. They kicked my butt and had way too much work for someone with a major case of senioritis! 

I'm participating in Weekly Wishes with The Nectar Collective


// Finish this term of grad school strong. 2 more weeks to go. Focus is key!

// Read through at least 5 chapters of Divergent. This book is definitely a fast read. 

// Start working on a project I want to complete in time for my bridal shower.  I'm pretty excited about it, hoping it turns out the way I've planned! 

// Continue searching for bridesmaid gifts. Any suggestions folks? 

// Start looking for honeymoon attire. Oh my goodness! I am 7 weeks away. So excited about this! 

//Continue to eat clean and make it to the gym after work. Still going strong! I started going to Pure Barre. OMG! I'll share my story with you here on the blog. 

This last week was a doozy. I've never worked SO HARD on a course in grad school. I'm glad that it's almost over. I finished Divergent AND I saw the movie!! I haven't started my project yet (again - grad school ya'll!) but I WILL do it this week because I need it by this weekend lol. Ok, I think I'm just gonna go with some gifts I found on Etsy for the bridesmaids, I'm sure they'll love them! The honeymoon attire-I have been looking and making mental notes, I'll probably start making purchases in the next few weeks. Unfortunately I needed to miss several workouts this past week to make sure I got my school work done, but it's back to the grind today! 


// Finish this term of grad school strong and prepare for new class that starts next Monday. I have a few more things to do before class is officially over, but it shouldn't be a big deal and cause me any grief. AND I'm going to TRY to be proactive and get some work done for my new class so I'm always one step ahead. We'll see...

// Start working on a project I want to complete in time for my bridal shower.  So, I'm thinking this will get started on Tuesday night and be finished by Wednesday night, we'll see though.

// Continue looking for honeymoon attire. I'll start making purchases in a few weeks. I'm notorious for packing way too much, so the goal is to pick a color palette so that I can make multiple outfits out of several pieces and not take my whole house with me!

//Continue to eat clean and make it to the gym after work. Still going strong! It takes 30 days to form a habit right? I'm also starting the 300/30 Ab Challenge (gulp!!).

//Create quote for potential client. Things are moving slowly but surely! I've expressed my desire to work for myself more than once, so ya'll know it's super important to me. I also need to work on my plan for growth. I'll definitely have more time this term since I have one course and the wedding is almost here, so wedding planning has slowed. 

//Reflect on yesterday's post. I had a super tough week at work last week...really for a while, but it was bad last week. I need to figure out how to "Let Go and Let God". Sometime's I'm really good at it and sometimes I'm not so good. 

//Have a blast at my bachelorette party and bridal shower. I can't believe it's here! My sister has started sending me daily videos for the week - she started sending them yesterday. She is a major goof ball! I've also gotten an itinerary for what to wear lol! I'm so excited!!

Best of luck accomplishing all of your goals this week! And, if you're anything like me, you should consider linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes. They don't have to be weekly-they can fit your schedule however you see fit!

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  1. 7 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Sooo exciting!!!!

  2. Planning a wedding sounds so fun! I cant wait to be able to plan my own one day! Good luck on your goals for this week, I know you're going to kill it!

  3. Ah, it sounds like you're having such an exciting time! I hope you take the time to savor in each wedding event :) how great!

  4. Eeekkkk your wedding is SO close! So exciting!!! You hang in there and enjoy it all ;)

  5. Bridal goals AAAHHH!!! So exciting! Have truckloads of fun!

  6. I hope you have a great time on your bachelorette party, Keizra! It's okay to NOT be so good at letting go and letting God. The great thing is that you're trying. Have a great week!

  7. Thanks Carla! You have a great week as well!

  8. LOL!! I know I'm getting even more excited! I'm trying to soak it all in before being engaged is officially over.

  9. Yes, I'm having a blast and I'm definitely trying to enjoy everything. I'll only get to do it once!

  10. It definitely is fun, but has its challenges too. Overall it's been a blast! Thank you and good luck on your goals this week too!

  11. It is, it is!! I can't wait!

  12. Have fun at your bachelorette party! I'm glad that you have something to look forward to during your otherwise busy week!

  13. have fun at your party!! God is still in control even when we feel like things are a mess, let him take care of work. Continue to pray and ask for his help to surrender.

  14. I'm new to your blog and I'm already excited to hear about your wedding plans (isn't every girl!?) I haven't even gotten the ring yet and I already have secret pin boards on Pinterest.. and hoo congrats on sticking with your goals this week! It sounds like you knocked them out despite them being tough. I've seen the displays on Divergent; do you recommend it? I'll have to look it up and see what its all about. Have a great week!

  15. Hi there! Thank you for visiting! Yes, I enjoyed the movie although it was different from the book - not in a bad way! I understand they had to change some things up due to time constraints and such, but if you don't read the book, you'll miss out on some information.

  16. Thank you!! And, thank you for your words of encouragement!


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