I know, I know - I'm a day early, but I prefer to do these things on Monday. For the past 15 or 16 weeks I've been linking up with Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes. It's proven to be effective for me. I started participating because I've been procrastinating a lot lately and it has really helped me to stay on track. But I've decided that I'm ready to share monthly goals with you and I'll also be sharing business goals as well, something I found over on Think & Grow Chick.  If you're starting a business, have a business, or you're thinking about starting a business, you may want to think about giving this a try. This is something I'll be implementing on my new site as well, so I wanted to go ahead and get started!


// Review branding. I created my own style elements this time around (if you want to call them that!) and I need to be sure I'm okay with them. I'm sure they are just fine, but I tend to second guess myself.

// Begin creative coaching course. I'm so excited! This course starts today. I'm ready to work through the material and get this party started!

// Put newsletter content into an editorial calendar. I finally created an editorial calendar for this thing. When I launch my new site, I'll be able to create more newsletter with better quality content. By the way, if you haven't yet, sign up here

//Outline my business processes. It all seems so easy and put together in my head. But, once I start mapping it out on paper, it really turns into a lot, so I'll be spending some time on it this month. 


// Staying on track. I have goals for my new site, so staying on track while I'm working on this blog and the new site is a challenge. I've reduced the number of posts I create here on 27th + Luxe, but I don't want to neglect this space and I want to make the new space everything I want it to be. For right now, I guess it's about finding a good balance.

// Prioritizing. I've found myself jumping from task to task. I need to get better about completing something or getting to an acceptable stopping point before moving on to the next item on my list. 


// Keeping a list of goals. It keeps me focused on what my initial goal was for rebranding. When you're rebranding, you will come up with all these other great ideas, but it's important to stay on track and focused on the main goal.

// Feedback. I've gotten some feedback from family and friends. I also need to get feedback from some of my blogger friends and my business coach.


// Paint more. I've been able to work on little projects here and there, but I want to do more. Maybe I should set aside a few minutes everyday? 

// Start sewing again. I have ideas tucked away for this too, so maybe a few minutes every weekend would work for this to make sure I touch it. 

// Explore the city. I can be a homebody and I really need to get out. I'm a born and raised Houstonian, but I've never explored my city as an adult. It should be fun! 


  1. Weekly wishes/monthly wishes is such an amazing group! I used to participate all the time on my old blog, and when I switched over to my business' blog I found that I missed it a lot. I've decided (starting today with July's goals) that I'm going to share my monthly goals on my business site as a way for my clients to get to know a little bit of what's been going on behind the scenes. I love reading other people's business goals, too. They're really inspiring. Good luck with your rebranding!

  2. I started doing monthly goals as well because it helps me prioritize and organize myself. I also jump from task to task and pushing myself to do what I have on my to-do-list and in the same order has been a challenge but a successful accomplishment. Getting out to explore the city is what keeps me inspired! I'm also a homebody and I love to stay at home, but exploring the city this Summer has been great for my soul and for my creative brain! :)


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