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I was just talking to Aaron about how I feel frumpy + I need to go shopping. While we were planning for our wedding, I didn’t go shopping unless there was somewhere I needed to go. At that point I’d rush out to buy something for the occasion and that would be that. Everything has been in rotation since we got engaged with the few emergency pieces added in here + there. It’s not that my wardrobe is TERRIBLE…it’s just that I’m bored. And my style is evolving so a lot of the items are no longer me.

The first thing I want to address is my work wardrobe. Have you heard about Of Mercer? If you haven’t heard of them, they provide quality professional workwear at a modest price. The Stanton dress caught my eye. Probably because I have a habit of purchasing items that I can wear both at work and outside of work. I like the workwear from Of Mercer because you can wear very subtle pieces with it and statement pieces as well. 

stanton dress

The Stanton dress is $175. I usually don’t spend this much on one item, but I’ve also found that quality fabric at a higher price point will last me a lot longer + result in less money being spent on my part, so I may need to change my ways. I would style the Stanton dress like this:

the luxe edit

What do you think about Of Mercer? What would be your first purchase? 

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