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We've been married for one month today. It still feels pretty strange that we're no longer planning for the wedding, meeting with our planner, or shopping around for items we'll need for the big day. They weren't kidding when they said the day goes by so fast. I did my best to soak everything in. I remember being happy that my vision for our day became a reality; everything was so beautiful! And I remember being so thankful that we made it -we high-fived each other after our I Dos!

We've known each other since 2005. When I started college, I had heard about people finding their sweethearts there and marrying them, but I didn't take it seriously so it was a pleasant surprise when we stumbled into each others lives. We've been inseparable ever since. Aaron and I have had our ups and downs over the years, but I am thankful for how far we've come and for how much we have grown together. One thing that I am very thankful for, although I wasn't as thankful in 2010 (I've wanted to get married for a while!), is that we took our time really getting to know each other before we were married. Everyone has their own timeline and this is what worked for us. 

Now, I'm excited about our next chapter- marriage is a serious thing! We're planning for our future together and in that planning we have to think about things like finances, where we'll live, where we'll worship and serve together, when we'll have kids, and so much more. When people have asked me how it feels, my response every time has been "It feels the same." And it really does! Granted, there is giddiness when he calls me his wife and when I call him my husband, but other than that, everything is the same. Maybe because we've known each other for so long and have grown together over the last nine years. But there is something that is different. We've made a conscious decision to deepen our commitment to one another. That's what has changed. And with that change comes a dedication from both of us to have a christian marriage. This means that we both need to live Christ filled lives and deepen our relationship with God. That will make our marriage stronger and help it to mature over the years. 

Are you recently married or have you been married for several years? How do you feel that your relationship with your spouse has changed? 


  1. :) I love that picture of you two. When X and I got married, a lot of stuff felt the same to me, but other things felt different and I definitely had butterflies in my stomach for a few months after, every time I'd think about the fact that he was my husband. It would be little things that would get me- he'd introduce me as his wife or I'd hear him talking on the phone to a friend and mention me - for some reason it just felt different. But since we lived together, as well as experienced a cross-country (and super stressful) move together prior to getting married, a lot of things felt the same :) (And I will tell you- I was glad that I was already familiar with certain "quirks" like him leaving whiskers in the sink after shaving... gah! WHY DO THEY DO THAT?!)

  2. Thank you!! Thankfully Aaron lays a towel out to catch all his whiskers so I don't have to worry about that! I definitely relate to the wife/husband thing though! The first time I said it we were on our honeymoon on the way to BVI. He happened to be in the restroom on the boat but he heard me and came out laughing about how weird it was. But saying fiancé was weird too

  3. haha!! You guys are cute! (OMG a TOWEL!!!! That's such a good idea. Wish me luck, ha!)

  4. Congratulations, you were a beautiful bride!

    xx Kelly
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