It's Friday and I am so thankful for that! Especially since I sent an email out on Wednesday that said something like "Aren't you glad it's Friday?!" It's been that kind of week! Thank you so much for completing my survey! The feedback I've received thus far has given me so many ideas! If you haven't taken the survey, you can do so here. It will take you a little under 2 minutes to complete, that's how short it is!

What do I have planned for the weekend? A whole lot of nothing! I may go out to lunch with my mom on Saturday and Sunday is Father's Day so I'll visit with my dad, but other than that, RELAXATION...and working through all these notes I jotted down! 

// I found a lot of new blogs this week! Anne Marie Loves, Studio Meroe, Catalina Creative, Kimberly Genevieve, and Gary Pepper

// I love chambray! The Evergirl gives you 12 ways to style it

// Still in search of a Father's Day gift? Femme & Fortune shares some creative gift ideas for dad.

// I loved reading this interview over on The Nectar Collective

// I've had more than one dream as I've gotten older so this article definitely resonated with me. Dream on and dream BIG!

// I have natural hair and this week I rediscovered Urban Bush Babes! I'll be binge reading this weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend? Nothing but awesomeness I hope. Happy reading and Happy Friday! 

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