Hello, 27th + Luxe readers! As you guys know, Keizra is on her honeymoon so you guys have me today! My name is Jasam and I blog at The Opulent Owl. Keizra asked me to blog about Home decor, and I figure what better room to blog about other than bedrooms since they will be on their Honeymoon! Today, I have a few oh, so luxurious bedrooms for you! This is such a great opportunity for me as well to get some ideas how to decorate my bedrooms since my husband and I just bought our first house! If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your bedrooms, I hope these pictures will help you out. If you don't need to redecorate (and if you are like me and just enjoy looking at home decor), then I'm sure you will still like looking at these varieties of bedroom decor! Check them out!


photo via decorpad


photo via


photo via MT Luxury Homes


photo via houzz


photo via houzz


photo via domienova


photo via HGTV

I hope these pictures served you well. Searching for bedroom pictures to show you guys definitely helped me choose what theme/style and colors to use for our master bedroom! To Keizra and her groom, I wish you two the best wishes, and an everlasting marriage ♥ Enjoy your honeymoon and we will see you when you get back! :) This post is brought to you by yours truly, Jasam of The Opulent Owl. You can find me through these other social media as well:


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